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Gifts in Wills


Each of us possesses a remarkable gift: the power to help bring about lasting benefits to individuals and families who have lost so much through the death of their loved one. By remembering NSW Police Legacy in your will, you can help ensure that the bereaved families of deceased NSW Police Officers continue to receive vital support. 

Many people underestimate the impact their contribution can make, no matter how big or how small it may be.

"But I don't own much. Does this apply to me?"

Even the smallest gift is gratefully accepted by NSW Police Legacy. You will be honouring those officers who have passed on by supporting their family's needs.

Types of GIFTS IN WILLs:


The most adaptable form of a bequest is a proportion or percentage of your estate. By using this kind of bequest you need not worry about the effects of inflation or changes in the size of your estate. 

Remember that just 1% gifted to NSW Police Legacy still leaves 99% for your family and loved ones.


When you have made provision for your family and friends you may wish to leave the residue to NSW Police Legacy.

Specific Sum

A specific gift of money in a Will is a simple one, but it can be reduced in value over the years by inflation and it remains fixed despite any increase or change in the value of your estate.


A specific gift of property in a Will is one that nominates property, works of art, stocks and shares, or insurance policies.

   For further information contact Andrew Wilcox, Fundraising Manager.

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